About the Brand

Introducing My Melanin Fits, your go-to destination for culture-rich apparel and unique made-to-order travel collections. We're an empowering e-commerce brand founded in 2018 by Melissa Dewgard, a multi-passionate creative with a degree in retail merchandising, over 15 years of graphic design expertise, and a love for fashion. Inspired by the expressive power of apparel and the vibrant culture of her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, we embarked on a journey to create a brand that celebrates black culture and offers diverse and distinctive products to our trendsetting customers.

At My Melanin Fits, we take pride in curating designs that speak directly to the culture. With a keen eye for trends and fashion, we offer a wide variety of styles, characters, and slogans that embrace and represent our community. Our signature collections feature diverse skin tones, various styles, and different hair types, ensuring inclusivity and making everyone feel seen and celebrated.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to collaborating with trustworthy artists and legally sourcing all art. We believe in uplifting and empowering the black community beyond our products. That's why we actively share resources and knowledge with aspiring creatives, connect businesses with vendors and techniques to help them thrive, and engage with local schools through custom apparel and creative collaborations.

We're proud to have been featured in reputable publications like Hello Beautiful and XO Necole & Yahoo Finance. As members of the Facebook Leaders Network and the Blacks in Technology Foundation, we leverage platforms to further our mission and make a positive impact. We've also participated in the Buy From A Black Woman Accelerator Program and established a partnership with Black Women in Media.

Looking ahead, we're driven to expand our reach and influence. Our future goals include providing information on a larger scale through resource guides and virtual courses, ensuring that knowledge is accessible to all. We're passionate about reaching younger generations, starting with junior high and high school students, empowering them to embrace their divine creativity. Ultimately, we envision creating a physical space where our community can come together, forge connections, and celebrate the beauty and excellence of black culture.

My Melanin Fits is more than just an e-commerce brand; it's a movement that empowers, uplifts, and celebrates the essence of black culture. Join us as we embark on this incredible journey of self-expression, unity, and cultural celebration.

The Mission

My Melanin Fits is the culture plug 🔌
We connect visionaries with creators of one of a kind products, services & experiences that speak to the soul of the black community.
As a multi-passionate creative, I specialize in merchandise design, with a goal of reflecting black beauty, excellence + culture.

The Dewgard Family - My Melanin Fits Owners

Melissa Dewgard: Founder & Lead Merchandise Designer
Melissa is a born & raised Brooklyn girl.
Spending most of her childhood and early adulthood growing up in Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights, Melissa has been surrounded by culture, style and innovation for as long as she could remember. 
Melissa graduated from KBCC in Brooklyn, NY with an A.A.S. in Retail Merchandising with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising in 2010 and has since earned certifications in Women's Entrepreneurship and Tourism & Hospitality Management.
When Melissa isn’t coming up with new design collections or supporting fellow black owned businesses, she’s traveling and spending time with her husband and their two children.

About Our Products 

Custom Handbag and Notebook Set - My Melanin Fits
All of the apparel is designed & pressed in our in-home studio here in Northern Virginia.  
We offer custom t-shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies using vinyl & screen-printed transfers, as well as sublimated garments & accessories.
Travel bags and luggage items are all designed by me and then sent to an overseas warehouse for production.
Passports & luggage tags are also designed by me and printed in-house or outsourced to a US based connect.
Travel toiletries are provided by fellow black woman-owned brand, Black Travel Box.
Drinkware & journals are designed and created in-house as well.
If you happen to have any questions about our capabilities or if you’d like to inquire about a custom order, feel free to reach out via email: designs@MyMelaninFits.com . We’re always happy to hear from our community. 

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