The Black Experience

My Melanin Fits is rebranding!
We're looking to become a lifestyle.
We'll keep the apparel & accessories you love, but we want to be so much more.
A community, a hub, a resource. 
As a creative business owner myself, I understand the struggles of trying to "get on". Wanting to have a tribe behind you, pushing you to greatness, motivating their tribe to support you. That's what WE should be, as a culture.
So that's what we're starting here, at My Melanin Fits.
I already have a community of black creative business owners looking for another platform, looking to educate the community, or looking to get into apparel printing, looking for a black-owned 3rd party production company, we'll have all of this & more available in the community. 
All black owned.
For the Culture, Always.

Meet the CEO 

Melissa Dewgard | Merchandise Designer | The Bag Lady
I'm Melissa Dewgard, Creative Consultant and Merchandise Designer, aka The Bag Lady. Black e-commerce Biz owners turn to me when they want to flip their creative visions into profitable, high-ticket offerings and custom goods that advance the culture and skyrocket their average order value.